Saturday, March 27, 2010

Chocolate/white bread 6 strands braided bread

Recently, saw this chocolate/white bread rolls recipe in the newspaper.  The steps seemed easy enough to follow so I'd decided to make these rolls for the weekend.  After the proving stage though, I changed my mind and thought, why not try to braide the dough into the 6 strands braided bread since I have not done this before. I have always only braide the 3 strands method. So this is how the chocolate rolls had evolved into a braided bread instead.
Quite not know why I have never tried this before! How's my braiding? Neat? :P
Just out of the oven and cooling on the rack...
Sliced and ready to put butter on! Yummy!

This plate of brocolli and tuna salad is lunch.
Followed by this piece of chocolate cheesecake... and
a bowl of cincau (a kind of edible grass) jelly in syrup to wash it all down....cooling in a hot afternoon!


  1. ..quite simple for you because you're so good in bread-making :)...great job, Jeannie! :)

  2. Wow, your braiding is fantastic! What a gorgeous loaf. And chocolate bread...over the top.

  3. Well done, Jeannie! Such a beautiful braid! Have a nice weekend.

  4. Thanks ladies:D for visiting and leaving your comments.

  5. Very beautiful braided bread. You have such a lovely lunch....very well balanced.

  6. I love butter with hot bread. Need to try your braided version and impress my little girls :)

  7. @Mary....I try to feed the boys healthy food if I can, otherwise they live on junkfood only.
    @Xiao Yen....can get them to help too:) quite fun to do the braiding.

  8. I'd say your braiding is just about perfect! Nice job!

  9. I know this comes a little late, but I have to offer my praise for the bread. I'm ashamed to say that despite being an avid baker, I have yet to try one of these two-toned braided breads. BTW, I'm impressed by all the items you ate for lunch!

  10. thanks Marty:D you are a very good cook yrself!


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