Monday, January 25, 2010

When you start seeing red......

Red decorations at every mall in town i.e.
then you know the Chinese New Year is nearly upon us.... about 3 weeks left to be exact.

Every chinese family who are celebrating this new lunar new year of the tiger will be very busy shopping for new cloths, new decorations for their homes and making cookies and cakes as gifts or for serving when guests come a calling. Banks will be busy changing new notes for customers to use for their angpows (red packet with money in it) to be given to those unmarried relatives or friends who visit. The children especially will be looking forward to receiving these little red packets of pocket money, but the parents will have a headache giving out the angpows of cos! hehe..

Maybe, I'll bake these very fudgy chocolate brownies for the lunar new year... the boys liked it..


  1. Mmmm, brownies. Chinese New Year has always intrigued me, I'll have to do some reading about it.

  2. I love some of food that is served on New Years, and always look forward to it! Your brownies look yummie!

  3. Yum, brownies. I could eat a few right now!

  4. @ Bob...that brownie in your picture looks so much better. Want to feel the mood of Chinese New Year? Head over to the nearest chinatown on Valentine's Day (also the first day of the Lunar calendar):D
    @Juliana...Thanks Juliana, need to practise more often to get the perfect texture. New Year's all about food and celebrations, pretty much the same the world over.:D
    @Stacy...Thanks for dropping by cook great vegetarian dishes:D

  5. Gosh, I really miss home at this time. It's so quiet here. It's so many years I have not been back for Chinese New Year. I love brownies. I have not come across anyone not liking it. I have to make this for CNY too.

  6. Jeannie, aren't we lucky? Still standing here celebrating the coming Chinese New Year, making cookies, new year goodies & cleaning our homes. So busy with the preparations! Hopefully, this coming Tiger year is a good one! And your brownies look so

  7. @Mary, Bet you missed the festive mood cheerful and full of happiness from the children... not to mention the fireworks at night! We usually stayed up to watch the spectacles on display after midnight prayers on the eve of lunar new year because you can't get any sleep with all the noise!
    @Kristy... yes we are lucky to be here enjoying the festive mood to our hearts' content. What cookies are you planning to bake? Going to hop over to your blog to have a peep!

  8. My son's class has been studying China. He is learning lots of great things! Your brownies look fantastic! I am such a nut for brownies...can't resist!!

  9. Lovely picture for the Chinese new year and the brownies look delicious!


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