Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter solstice ~ Tang yuan (glutinous rice balls soup)

As tomorrow (22nd December) is Winter Solstice (end of harvesting season), I made some tang yuan with the boys' help. Don't they look so pretty? They are made from just glutinous rice dough in different colours of your choice.
You boil the glutinous rice balls in boiling water and you know they are cooked when they float to the top. Dish them out and quickly dunk them into a bowl of cold water so that they remain chewy and not sticking together. Next put the balls into your prepared sugar syrup. Serve warm or cold. The story goes that this day is everyone's birthday and after eating these balls, you are one year older.:P


  1. they look so cute all put together :)
    Wish you and ur family a happy winter solstice celebration!

  2. Thanks Traciemoo...your version of tang yuan looks delicious too.

  3. Wow....your tang yuen look so shiny, colourful and beautiful. I love them.

  4. Thanks Mary:D Though it's not my favourite dish. I just make them for the boys' sake to carry on the tradition of celebrating Winter Solstice.


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