Friday, December 11, 2009

Passing of award

Hey I'd just realised that I am supposed to pass on this award to seven other bloggers.. sorry, this is the first time I am being awarded so completely blur about it. Err....can I just pass it on to everyone who come a visiting? That would be great huh?

So please, whoever comes this way, pick up this beautiful award..


  1. Hey...looks like I'm the first one to pick it up. Thanks lots. Am actually here to look for more bakes from you.Will surely drop by again.

  2. Dear Jeannie,

    Thank you for you nicely message. I like to visit your website, because I'm very interrested in the way you think cooking. I apologise, but I canot write my blog in english because in frenc it's already long. However If you have some question about some recipes, It's will be with pleasure that I can help you to translate. In return, if I need some details about your chinese's recipes I will ask you.

    I'm very happy to know you through the web


  3. @Mary, I have somehow managed to twist a nerve on my hip and is incapacitated at the moment so baking will have to stop temporarily.

    @Christophe...If I am interested in a recipe, I would definitely be asking for a translation:D

  4. Super cute! I will stop by your site again! :)


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