Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Orange flavoured Sponge Cake

Recently visited KC again to check out for new postings and stayed to surf around for cake recipes to bake during the weekend.  Stopped by at this thread and decided that to bake it since I have all the ingredients at hand.  Well, all except the pandan juice and as I was too lazy to juice up some pandan leaves, I decided it is easier to juice up an orange instead. So my cake is orange flavoured instead of pandan flavoured. This recipe is provided by one of the forumers who used the nick gan55. Unfortunately, she did not has a website or blog for me to link.  I followed the recipe exactly except for the substitution of pandan juice with orange juice. I must say the cake is turned out pretty good...fluffy and moist. Not much effort needed to make this cake. It is so simple.

For a 10" round cake pan:


435g optima flour (or other sponge mix)

400g eggs (abt 8 eggs)

100g coconut milk

2 tsp sponge gel (ovalette)

1 tsp pandan paste or 20 ml juice from a few pandan leaves (I substitute with orange juice)

1 tbsp melted butter (for greasing cake pan) (I did not grease my pan but lined it instead)


Preheat oven to 180 degrees celsius

Grease an aluminium foil lined 10" cake pan with melted butter (I lined my pan instead).

Using a cake mixer, beat all the ingredients together on low for 1 minute.

Turn to high and beat for another 12 minutes till cake mix reached ribbon state.

Pour into cake pan and bake baine marie at 160C for about 1 hr or till golden brown and skewer comes out clean when inserted.

Using the baine marie ensures that the cake rises smoothly due to the steam. Thus it does not crack at the top. Cake is also more moist and fluffy this way.

Optima flour is a specially prepared sponge cake mix that has sugar and emulsifiers added.


  1. I love the orange flavour in cakes. I can't get ovalette here so I suppose the cake will not be so soft. Jeannie, you really have a lot of lovely bakes.

  2. Thanks Mary, but this cake is a bit of a cheat as the flour is pre-mixed. I just need to add eggs and ovalette plus the liquid. It is very easy to make. And yes, you can't make this cake if you do not have ovalette. It won't turn out as fluffy.

  3. Dear,

    I write you from France and I'm enjoy to read and learn a lot of things with your blog. I have a blog LES MARMITES EN EMOI and I'm always very happy, when I can take a journey with your foreigns recipes. Your orange cake is very original for me and you help me for introduice a little part of Malaisia in my kitchen. Thanks you - Enjoy


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