Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Blog Award from Olive

Olive passed on this wonderful award to me recently even though I do not think I deserve it. I  feel that I do not put in enough effort into my blog like she does.  Visit her and you will know what I meant. It is awesome and full of great, easy to do recipes. Well, some are easy and some are so spicy I can feel the heat just looking at the amount of chillies she adds into her dishes!  I finally managed to figure the way to post this award into my site and I reckon I can no longer put off writing seven things about myself....errrr...errhhmmm....ok here goes... don't laugh you guys..

1) I love baking and spend most of my free time chilling out in my kitchen and trying out newly discovered recipes from bloggers.
2) I love to shop too and taking pictures of seasonal decorations in malls and that irritates the hell out of whoever's unfortunate enough to be out walking with me...LOL!
3) I have a labrador who is so utterly faithful and never complains about the failed bakes that I have been feeding her whenever that happens...well it's not often these days but still does now and then.
4) I have 3 boys who love to drive me up the wall and I ended up nagging them to death about clearing their own rooms and doing their chores instead of parking themselves in front of the computers the whole day until their tummies told them they are hungry.
5) Ok...I am having difficulty here... erhmm...I hate washing dishes and ironing clothes and driving in thunderstorms and getting caught in traffic jams.
6) Two more to go....*thinking hard*... writing has never been this difficult.....*thinking....*ok I have a twin sister and we love to trick our friends by pretending to be one another and they'll be confused!
7) Last but not least:D I am quite a cheerful person and am still trying my best to stay cheerful and be positive about life despite it being so complicated but I do have caring people around me and I am thankful to them for their support and love and naggings and scoldings...LOL ok I really do appreciate it ya...etc etc.. and I thank you bloggers out there for posting such wonderful recipes which I enjoyed trying very much, some with success, some not so successful (well the dog still loved them)  not to mention drooling over the numerous delicious looking pictures...haa... made it!

Thanks again Olive

Cheers always!

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  1. Hello, thanks for commenting on my blog!

    Now, we know a bit more about you too!
    hahahahaha,...well written!


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