Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Too early for Christmas?

Not for the commercial shopping centres obviously.... christmas decorations are already in full swing as you can see from the following pictures that I took on one of my "rare trips" to the city... These pictures were taken at the Pavillion, considered the shopping haven for the rich and famous (we did spot the very rich and famous Dato' Francis Yeoh walking around in the vicinity, in very formal clothing I must add)....I would have whipped out my handphone camera to snap a picture for good measure but I figured that would be a tad too much, he might mistaken me for a paparazzi! hehehe). The not so rich and famous people like me went to enjoy the ambience and spend some quality time with families and taking pictures for blogs or facebook of course. Ho! Ho! Ho!

This boy has grown much taller and slimmer as compared to last year!


  1. beautiful all around. Over's a lot of shopping ...not so well decorated like back home. That's real Christmas mood.

  2. WoW! so grand and beautiful:) I don't think it's too early too, here in the PHilippines, you'll see Christmas decors as early as September :)

  3. We had a great time going from one shopping mall to the next looking at their decorations. We have many festivals here so our Christmas can't start in September so November is eary enough for us:P


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