Monday, November 9, 2009

Local fruits .....

in abundance! Seems to be the season for some local fruits. Bought quite a few types recently as you can see from my posts. Here are some which we had for dessert lastnight.

This is our very own Dragonfruit. The normal species has white flesh whereas this one has a very vibrant pink. Texture is softer too. Both species are sweet if you wait long enough for the fruits to ripen. If there are lots of green on the fruit, then they are not ripe enough.I have seen some bakers using the flesh of this fruit to bake before.

To eat the dragranfruit, simply cut into 2 and scoop with a spoon. Hmmm.. juicy and cooling on a hot day.

Next is the humble looking ciku. It has a very brownish mousy looking skin but when it's ripe, the flesh is so sweet and fragrant you wouldn't want to stop eating it! One of my favourite fruits.


  1. Oh no...I really miss this red dragon fruit and chiku so much. My friend makes the enzyme drink from this dragon fruit & it tastes real awesome.

  2. I've had the white dragon fruit but not the red one yet, hope to try really soon!

  3. @Mary, I think there is one company producing dragon fruit jam and wine for sale.

    @ 5 Star, do you like the taste of the fruit?

  4. Interesting...I haven't tried these before...very exotic. I will have to search for these the next time i'm in Chinatown.

  5. Please do write and let us know how you like it Mama:)

  6. Hello Jeanine, hello Malaysia
    only now I learned of your site. Is very beautiful and I like it very much. From nouw on I will follow you.
    Good luck and continues, please.


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