Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ice blended beetroot juice

Saw a recipe on beetroot in 5 Star's blog and it reminded me of this glass of juice that I had recently. Her blog can be reached  @ 5 StarMine is simply just beetroot, sugar, milk and ice blended together.  Add a squeeze of lime and there you go. A very healthy drink though not all would agree with me that the taste is great. LOL!


  1. I must agree with you that beet root juice may not be liked by everyone, including me. Beet root is very nutritious and is a blood cleanser and tonic. It cleanses the kidney too. I always mix it into my carrot-apple juice. You may like to read more on an article I wrote Freshly made juices are very important for good health. I hope more people will get into drinking them.

  2. I love this! Perfect healthy snack drink!

  3. Mary, It would be sometime before you can get me to try beetroot juice again..LOL! Perhaps would taste better with apple and orange juice huh... I am not partial to carrot juice either.

    Or maybe, I'll give 5 Star's version a try:P


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