Tuesday, June 30, 2009


More pictures of the teaflower! It's floating on the top now that the glass is smaller.

This is how they look before they're brewed.

This is a glass of tea which is made up of tealeaves tied together with a flower bud in the middle to form a blooming flower. Great for presentation, but tastewise, quite bland. More for decoration in a glass of water....the bonus is you can drink it when you feel thirsty! LOL! Maybe I should try to use a smaller glass next time.


  1. Just came across your blog on the Wives with Knives comments page and saw this beautiful tea flower. Someone actually gave me one and I haven't tried it yet. I must now that I see how gorgeous it is!

  2. Hi Jamie.. thanks for visiting my blog, your's awesome too! I must say I still find it so amazing that blogging are getting us connected all over the world! Cheers!


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