Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Internet down.......

....and it's back to reality living while internet life took a backseat. The following are some of the dishes that I have managed to cook the past couple of days....

Finally got down to cooking this delicious, very spicy, Ayam Masak Merah (literally translated to mean Chicken Cook in Red Sauce?). This recipe was posted by Lazymine who is a fellow blogger from Kitchen Capers. I'd added some sliced onions into the sauce as I have seen some people did before and it tasted wonderful. You might want to reduce the number of chillies if you can't take the heat.

Another hot dish, this time it's curry chicken with potatoes. There's coconut milk in the sauce to give it a creamy taste or alternatively, you can use yoghurt for a healthier version. A very authentic curry dish in Malaysia and goes down well with rice or bread.

Ok, something mild for a change, after all the heat in the stomach....egg and tuna sandwich prepared by Fu Ken, my 2nd son. The bread was homemade.

And last but not least, that's Gigi the dog in ecstasy from all the attention showered on her. You could tell from the grin on her face that she's in heaven.....

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