Wednesday, February 4, 2009


At the mamak restaurant. This is just about the longest tosai I have ever eaten! Easily 2 feet long if I care to measure. Crispy and thin. Nicely done I must say. Comes with tiny bowls of coconut sauce (the white one), chilli sauce, dhall and sambal. Can't decide which sauce tastes better. In the end I mixed them all up. Makes it easier to just dip in a bowl instead of 4! LOL! Quite a heavy dinner. Can't finish it all myself. Can still feel the heat in my tummy! Tomorrow, I will be able to feel it one more time.... in the toilet this time! hehe! This is also the last meal I am having together with Fu-yi because he'll be going off for his studies in Perth tomorrow! Now let's hope he doesn't crap too much on the aeroplane!

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