Sunday, February 8, 2009

9-layers kuih (Pudding)

Just made this kuih...I halved the ingredients as the boys do not like to eat kuihs and I can't finish them all myself. Still need to give some away to my neighbour.

For those who would like to try, here's the recipe.

You'll need a 7 inch aluminium or tin mould.

200g of rice flour
125g of tapioca flour
200g sugar
1/2 tsp salt
250ml thick coconut milk
500ml thin coconut milk (I use a 400ml tin of coconut milk, pour 250ml out and then add water to the remaining coconut milk to get 500ml)
3 leaves of screwpine leaves (pandan)
Three colouring of your choice (I leave one in natural white)


1) Boil 400ml of the thin coconut milk with sugar, salt
and the screwpine leaves till it is fragrant and sugar resolved. Set aside to cool.
2) Mix the rest of the ingredients (except the colouring) in a mixing bowl. When (1) is cooled, mix into (2) and stir to combine.
3) Divide the mixture into 3 equal amounts and add a colour of your choice to each bowl.
4) To steam, pour about 1/3 of one bowl first into the mould and steam for 8 minutes. Then pour another 1/3 of another bowl(different colour), and steam for 5 minutes and keep repeating the process until u get 9 layers and all the mixtures used up.
5) Cool completely and cut with a plastic knife and serve.

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