Monday, January 5, 2009

First day of school.....

and the alarm didn't work! Forgot to set the handphone to self date/time adjust, hence the wrong time and date were recorded. Woke up at 6.34 a.m. and jumped straight out of bed, shook the sleepy head up and forgoing nature's call, washed my face in record breaking time, pulled on whatever that comes to hand, slap on some cream and drew what I hoped were two perfectly balanced eyebrow lines and off we go!

Didn't even stop for a glass of orange juice! Even forgot to give the poor boy his water tumbler...guess he'll just has to buy his own at his school! Shouted at the maid for not waking us up while walking towards the still locked door, screamed some more for her to unlock it and out we flew to the car!

Phew! Lucky still managed to get him to school just in the nick of time! Ok, don't ask me how many traffic rules I broke this morning, but getting to school on time on the first day is more important, right? right?

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