Sunday, November 2, 2008

Weekend Shopping

Beginning of the month and just got my salary! what do one do? Shopping of course:D Took the boys to Mid Valley in Bangsar to shop around. Bought a pair of shoes from Pretty Fit at 50% off since it was the last pair, and a pink blouse from Metro Jaya at 40% discount. Quite happy with my purchases since they were sold at such bargain prices. Treated the boys to a drink before proceeding to fetch their grandmother to have dinner with their aunty and her family in Old Klang Road.
This is Eugene outside the washroom while waiting for his brothers to be done.
This Bufori was on display at the concourse area...couldn't resist taking a picture out of it
And this is the orange chiffon cake that I made today. In fact baked another one in green but that one colapsed on me!

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