Saturday, November 15, 2008


Went to "document" how otak-otak is done by mom. She has prepared and mixed all the ingredients together when my brood and I arrived..Well, we were a tad late getting there (try having to wake up 3 lazy bones in the morning and asking them to get ready and see if you are not late!) The main ingredients for this dish are fish paste, coconut milk, eggs, curry powder, rice flour, and various herbs for taste. Mom added the daun keduk (that's a malay word, do not know what they are called in English). The leaves gave a very fragrant smell to the dish.
The daun keduk is placed on a piece of banana leaves before the mixture is scooped on top of it and wrapped up expertly by Mom.

The finished product, ready to be steamed
Done! Time to tuck in..
Mom getting ready to tuck into the "fruit" of her labour
and Eugene enjoying his 2nd helping..

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