Wednesday, November 12, 2008


This is so over the top that I simply have to blog about it. About a month ago, my youngest son, Eugene, who is 12 by the way, was happily munching away on his cupcake, and at the same time, busily packing up his school textbooks which he had to return to his school on that particular day. My deduction was he must be too busy trying to put every book into his bag that he didn't realise he did not has his school shoes, which he usually wore only when he is in the car.

Just as we were about to reach his school and he was preparing to get down that he realised his big blunder! I really do not know how to react to that. On the one hand I was furious at him but at the same time, my 2nd son, who was with us, was trying his hardest to contain his mirth and seeing that, I too tried to keep myself from bursting out laughing! Oh my God! Who on earth could forget such an important thing as one's shoes whenever one stepped out of the house? I thought that must be a first and I can chalked it down as history being made and promptly forget about it.

But, today it was like history repeating itself, except minus the youngest boy... and guess who is the next one to make it into history? Yep, you got it right if you said its the 2nd boy...sigh! and it's not funny when he's 17 and sitting for his SPM exam this morning! I told him he'd better pray hard there's no rules that said a student cannot sit for his SPM without shoes on his feet! Haha... Later when I got back from work, he told me his headmaster thought he was pulling a joke and promptly asked him to stop fooling around and go put on his shoes! When he realised that it's not a joke, he declared in disbelieved that in all his 30 odd years of teaching, he had never came across a 17 yr old student forgetting to wear his shoes to school! And another teacher sarcastically told him not to forget his pants the next time.

Well his younger brother had the last laugh after all...but don't know for how long before the next episode of forgotten shoes! Blur heads indeed or using the wrong head to think? Sigh!

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