Sunday, September 7, 2008

Oriental-styled crepes

Err... don't know if I can call it that but that's the nearest name I can think of at the moment. Made these simple crepes for lunch on Saturday ( we called it Popiah in chinese hokkien langauge) The crepes are usually filled with stir-fried vegetables like turnips, beans sprouts, cabbage, or french beans,shredded fried eggs, minced meat and some chilli sauce or tomato ketchup depending on your preference. We chinese usually have a special sauce to go with it but I obmitted all that because I have none! Makes a difference for a change.

Today made some hotdogs buns (12 to be exact) for lunch and thought if there are some remaining could eat them for breakfast tomorrow but there were none leftover! So ended up making steamed chocolate cake as substitute for tomorrow's breakfast.

The boys managed to finish 5 rolls each! Amazing!
Eugene holding a roll after one bite.
The hotdogs buns with only this pic left for memory.
and finally, the cut up steamed chocolate cake.

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