Thursday, August 14, 2008

So...what's for dinner?

Spaggetti sounds great! Came back to find the boys busy in the kitchen preparing spaggetti... they said it's a new recipe they saw on TV. Was rather skeptical about that. Remembered the last time they tried a recipe from TV and it turned out to be a disaster, so I was like "God forbid!" when I heard it's another one...but I kept my thoughts to myself and plastered a grin on my face and looked appreciative of their efforts.. Turned out to be quite palatable so my fears were really uncalled for.

Anyway, since I do not have to do any cooking, I put my free time to good use by baking a pandan flavoured chiffon cake which I have not been doing for quite a while now.


Pic taken by the boy too, that's the best he can do I guess...
Quite ok looking, eh?

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