Saturday, August 2, 2008

Reminiscing about...

Mangosteens! It always evoked childhood memories of us climbing mangosteens trees so high our heads popped out from the very top of the tree! I remembered once, our mom caught us swaying precauriously right at the top, and nearly fainted at the sight! LOL!

During mangosteens season, we would rush back from school and head straight to the estates where the trees can be found, with the longest pole we can find, and a shorter one to be used for plucking, or rather, hitting the mangosteens from the branch, after having tried our best to go as far as we can towards the end of a branch.

One of us will take turns to collect the fruits as they fall. Not a desirable job, though the easiest, but the most boring, as he or she did not get to climb trees! And also, he or she was required to catch a really riped fruit by hand as it fell, otherwise the skin will crack if it hit the ground and harden and causes the flesh to turn brownish because of oxidisation and won't taste nice anymore. We usually pluck the fruits when they are only slightly riped and still hard enough to sustain a drop to the ground. Then we will wait a few days for the fruits to ripen fully before we enjoy the fruits of our labour, literally...

We were such daredevils when young. These days, the kids are only interested in computer games instead of going out and do such activities. A pity really, coz it's so much more healthier, albeit with a little danger thrown in....

Sigh! Sometimes, I do wish that I could turn back the clock to enjoy the good old days once again...These days, I have to buy mangosteens from the market if I want to eat some. What a change of scenario indeed.

Bought these very sweet fruits this morning
Want some? :D

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