Thursday, July 31, 2008

Nasi Lemak

This morning, I woke up to the smell of herbs and brewing chillies. My maid is obviously getting ambitious. She was busy blending up herbs and chillies to cook sambal to accompany her specialty... nasi lemak, meaning oily rice? sorry, but my interpretation could be a bit off. She fried her own peanuts and anchovies too! The boys had a great time polishing off their favourite nasi lemak for lunch and then dinner and still some guessed it, the bitch get to eat the leftovers...LOL! The bitch meaning Gigi the dog ya, and not the two legged kind who can speak and "bitch" about anything under the sky.... A couple of pics just to show how nasi lemak looks like..:D
I ate this plate...didn't finish the rice though, coz I am not a rice person
This one was polished off by Ken, my 2nd son, and oh, he's the one who fried the perfect looking eggs! I somehow can't get the eggs to look this good

Gigi the bitch... and me (the blurry effect is intentional. Otherwise the bitch is going to upstage me, if she hasn't already! LOL! )

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