Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lazy Weekend

Well...went to Mid Valley megamall with the intention of watching a movie there and then do some shopping but since the queue was so long, we ended up doing just shopping instead. Looked like most of us are still blissfully not feeling the effects of recession yet and are still enjoying the bargains at most shops. Bought a pair of jogging shoes for myself and a pair of converse shoes for the eldest boy, a couple of tees for the 2nd boy and a book for the youngest one. Since we had a rather late lunch, we decided to skip dinner to save some money, (makes me feel less guilty for spending I guess, ha ha)and went back to cook instant noodles instead.

Sunday, we went for the movie that we missed out on Saturday. Watched Batman, the Dark Knight. Pretty good really, though can't see much of the real Heath Ledger, what with all the make up on his face. I would say it's worth the money I paid for. I find it a tad too long winded but overall, quite enjoyable. Came back and baked a cheesecake for tomorrow's breakfast...


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