Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pound Butter Cake

pound buttercake
pound buttercake1

Saw Rei Rei's Blog and the recipe looks super easy to follow. Got home from work at 6.30pm, having nothing much to do as my 2nd son has already prepared dinner, bless him (must remember to appreciate that boy more) so I decided to embark on this cake to occupy my time.
I bake it for longer than 1 hr because I doubled up the recipe ( I have 3 growing up males, 3 adult males, 2 maids and a dog to feed!) Well, the males in my family are not very partial to cakes or anything sweet so there are some leftovers which I brought to the office for the staff to try.

All gave very good reviews on this cake (well, nothing much from the males) but I know it is delicious and I love the fluffy, smooth texture of it. Some people might not like the smell of condensed milk that much so I am going to try the chocolate version of this cake soon and see how well it goes down with the "guinea pigs" :D

I was trying to upload the pictures from my handphone but halfway through Streamyx (that's the Malaysian broadband company) cut me off and I will have to re-upload again. Will post them tonight.....if the broadband doesnt break down again *roll eyes*

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