Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Of muffins and cupcakes

Do I prefer muffins or do I prefer cupcakes? Baking wise, muffins are so much easier to bake. Do not need much appliances, basically just gather together wet and dry ingredients and give it a couple of strokes to mix. Cupscakes, you need to beat up the butter/eggs to get a smooth and fluffy texture.

Taste wise, cupcakes are more delicious but that is my solely my opinion. Some of my food critics prefer muffins because they are less oily and goes down well with a good cuppa. And still some prefer the cupcakes for the sinful buttery taste. Well... you can't satisfy them all huh?

One thing is for certain, I only make those tried and tested recipes and those recipes with very eye pleasing photos will be my first option to try...



Crossed section of chocolate muffin

chocolate cupcakes
Decorated with cream cheese toppings

lime poppy seed cupcakes
One of my favourite... Lime Poppyseed cupcakes

chocchips cupcakes
this one is chocolate chips added to buttercake mixture

Another chocolate recipe using Stefanie's recipe


  1. I have no preference, whether it is cupcake or muffin as long as they are DELICIOUS!!! But of course, I agree that the baking process do play a part coz sometimes I too lazy to bake cupcakes due to the slightly more complicated steps. =D

  2. My sentiments really, bernice. I bake cupcakes only when I have more time to spare.


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