Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cheese Cream Bread Loaf

Sometimes, I get it right, at times, the dough refuse to cooperate and colapse on me. And still more times, I add too much liquid and forgot to oil the cover. Well, those are the trial and errors I have to put up with when I first started to experiment with this recipe. Seemed so easy reading the recipe and after reading about the raving reviews recieved in Cuisine Asia, I just have to bake it.

The first time I experiment with this recipe, I make them into hotdog buns which turned out super delicious. Next I bake in a loaf tin without cover and turned out alright too. Next I bake them in a chiffon cake tin in small rolls and next I did them in braided style. All turn out very good and well received by my critics aka my 3 sons.

Finally, I got into the craze of baking everything in a covered breadtin which I'd recently acquired from the newly discovered bakers' mall in town. So the first loaf of bread using this breadtin is this recipe too. Turned out perfect!

Here are some of the photos that I remembered to take in the process of baking the breads. Photos are not that great as they are all taken from my handphone camera..


Hotdogs anyone?

creamcheese bread

Braided or in small buns...they are just as good

cinnamon rolls

Cinnamon buns...not exactly like cinnabon's but not bad either.

white loaf bread

In a loaf..

bakwa buns

another version... bakwa buns

Ok here's the recipe for Cream Cheese Bread taken from kwf's blog:-

Cream Cheese Bread

160g water
250g bread flour
50g cream cheese
10g powder milk
15g sugar
3g salt
20g butter
3g dry yeast (original recipe calls for 2.5g)

For Breadmaker
1. Put the ingredients in the bread machine on regular or fast loaf cycle.
2. Slice and enjoy.

Note: Usually I'd programme the machine to fast dough and then take out to shape and bake the bread on conventional oven.

For the hotdog bun shape, just roll out an oval shape, place the sausage or bakwah or cheese or whatever fillings that you like, in the middle of the dough and cut stripes on both sides of the dough and fold up alternatively until all the stripes are done. Then leave to rise till double it's original size, brush some egg on top, and bake at 190 celsius for 20 to 22 mins.

Or you roll out the dough, place the sausage on one side of the dough, then cut 4 or 5 stripes and roll the dough with the sausage towards the stripes.

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