Sunday, June 22, 2008

Buttercake and Chocolate Cake for Mom's Birthday

Today, I celebrated Mom's birthday at my eldest sis house in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. It was a potluck affair. My eldest sis made popia, 3rd sis made tumeric glutinous rice and steamed pau, another sis bought pizzas and my contribution is dessert. Mom likes her cake without any decorations and her favourite is the buttercake. Since one cake looks kind of little, I decided to make a chocolate cake as well. The birthday gal wanted to contribute too so we asked her to cook her special curry chicken to go with the tumeric glutinous rice. It was a great ocassion and I can see that she is very happy to see all of us there. She even gave each of us a redpacket for good luck!

Ingredients for the butter cake are basically:-

150g butter
150g sugar
150g all purpose flour or cake flour
60g evaporated milk
3/4 tsp baking powder
3 eggs
1 tsp vanilla essence
1/4 salt (if butter is unsalted)


Cream butter and sugar till light and fluffy.
Add milk, vanilla essence, cream for a while then stop the mixer, add flour, use a spatula to roughly mix the flour (this is to avoid the flour from flying all over)
Switch on the mixer again to low to get a smooth mixture.
Lastly, add eggs. Mix well.
Pour into a 7" lined or greased pan and bake at 170 degree celsius for 1 hr or until its cook. Time really depends on your oven.
When you see the top is brown enough, cover with a pc of aluminium foil and continue baking till it's cooked.

For the chocolate version, just substitute 30g of flour for 30g of chocolate powder and add 1/4 tsp baking soda.


  1. I'm the sis who bought the pizza..:D it was the only item which was wiped out in 10 minutes!

    Yr cakes looks yummy chinadoll, but tastes kinda salty! The pics looks quite good this time, yr handphone produced these pics?

    Should hv taken some pics of those paus...thot they look quite well done.

  2. hiya..the cakes looks yummy , the b'day girl must have enjoyed it very much.Can you pls share the recipe for the butter cake cause my mom loves the no frills butter cake as well , sadly i don't bake a good butter Thanks

  3. Yep, the pics are taken from my handphone.

  4. Sue, you can get the recipe from the blogger's site "All That Matters" in my blog.

  5. thanks but i could not find the plain butter cake recipe mostly marble. Which was the one you used to bake.

  6. hiya..was it the condensed milk pound cake 2 that was used in this recipe because i cannot find a plain butter cake in Rei's blog. Which was the one you used. thanks

  7. Hi Sue,Yess it is the condensed milk butter cake. I have posted the recipe in my blog. I substituted the condensed milk with evaporated milk and the texture is less densed. Some people do not like the smell of condensed milk, hence, the substitution.

    Have tried both versions and I prefer the evaporated milk one.


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