Monday, June 30, 2008

Cranberries Cupcakes

Another weekend passed, another round of frenzied baking/cooking, another round of walking around malls, doing some so called destressing... in actual fact, just another excuse to get some me time away from the boys! Well, too many males in my life really... a gal needs to get away from all those brawls and arguments that males generally get into when they are not doing anything constructive. Let them thrash it out for once without me acting as referee.

Quite a fruitful weekend. Baked some cranberries cupcakes that I have always wanted to bake but resist because the cranberries are expensive but finally temptation won. Luckily, turned out very delicious. The cranberries are crunchy and sweet and does compliment the taste of yoghurt in the cake very well. Did the yoghurt cupcakes with chocolate chips the other day but the taste were not as good as these cranberries cuppies. Also baked another cheesecake since there are plenty of creamcheese still in the fridge. And since I have some left over yam from the bubur cha cha that I cook for breakfast, I decided to steam some yam cake for lunch too. Not a bad weekend over all.. quite enjoyable really. Pictures will come later when I get home. Here are the pics...

yoghurt cupcakes 3
With chocolate chips
Looks good, actually...

And these are the cranberries cupcakes.

The recipe for these cupcakes belongs to Gina from Cuisine Asia.

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